A Blogging Conference – What Not To Do

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The biggest and most prominent blogging conference BlogHer’13 is in the offing. In a couple of quick days, thousands of new and proficient bloggers would be exploring, searching, networking in the capital of the seven winds Chicago.

BlogHer Chicago Blogging Conference

If you can make it there, you still can. Just coming to rub shoulders with these amazing women-bloggers is a lifetime experience that is worth doing at least once.

In spirit of support and education, there have been literally thousands of blog posts, comments, interviews and videos that shared Do’s at the gathering place like BlogHer. All have valid points. All have been helpful, giving a new perspective from the person’s point of view. And THAT is the most valuable thing – the personal perspective. You may not agree, but it is coming from a person who’s been there and lived through it.

From my humble point of view, I’d like to share five personal points of view that should be taken as a positive reflection of what is going on during a busy time BlogHer. Being a newbie last year gave me a fresh look on all things BlogHer, as I saw it, felt it, lived it.

Today, I’d like to offer 5 Do-Not-Things at any blogging conference. Take it or leave it. Here they are.

Don’t Take It Personally
What you may be surprised with is that networking is not always a positive experience.

First, step out of this zone. Do not dwell long in it.

Second, do not be afraid to approach new people and strike a new conversation out of the blue with as many people as you possibly can. You shall be surprised that you could fish out people who are literally gems and who could become your life-long friends.

Don’t Spread Yourself Thin
You are who you are and will do what is dear to your heart. Keeping up with the Jones’ is not always a good thing, as it may come with frustration, anger, and negative attitude during your working time.

To make your blogging conference productive, focus what is truly important to you. Plan, be open to changes, and execute your plan as it develops.

Don’t Be Upset You Have Not Been Invited Into The VIP Parties
Some of the most memorable events come from the VIP or sponsored by private sponsors parties. The majority of them sent individual invites to all participants prior to the conference. If you are a newbie, naturally, you may not be there. However do not think that the value of a blogging conference would be less without participating in such private lounge gatherings.

Find a positive in your being at the conference and keep pursuing your goals you came with. This positively-charged attitude could only attract more people to you who would be more than happy to share their contacts, sponsors, and their companionship with you.

Don’t Be A Loner
It may sound repetitive, but even when you don’t know anybody at the blogging event, it means you need to exercise your personal leadership to go and find new friends.

Think about it this way: There are thousands of people like you who are “loners” and are afraid to step out of their box. Push out this pretence and make a statement by inviting others into a friendly conversation with you.

Don’t Be Afraid To Ask
The value of any conference comes with the answers to the questions you came with in the first place. During the your active track sessions, leave no stone unturned. Ask your questions, no matter how simplistic they may seem to you.

Remember, there are many more in the same room with you who may certainly benefit from the answers to your questions. Be that person!

Certainly you need to know so many things before going to any conference. However, be a happy blogging conference goer. You have it all what it takes to learn, to network, to lead. Be that person today!


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