Atlanta Jazz Festival: 10 Reasons To Go

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Atlanta Jazz Festival: 10 Reasons To Go

It is always a good thing to be good to yourself. I mean really, who doesn’t like to spoil one’s self from time to time? So, if you live in the Midwest then you know that after our long cold traumatizing winters a much needed break from all things below 40 degrees is a must. And, if you just so happen to love Jazz then honey chile’ I got both the remedy and the cure. Allow me to introduce the Atlanta Jazz Festival: 10 Reasons To Go.

Atlanta Jazz Festival10 Reasons To Go

Now, if your a fan of the south in general and already sweet on Atlanta, Georgia in particular then you know a thing or two about the southern hospitality experience. I may already have you about half-way sold just by mentioning, “there will be warm weather”.  I attended  the Atlanta Jazz Festival for the first time this year and I thoroughly enjoyed myself.  Here are my reasons and several reasons why you should attend the Atlanta Jazz Festival.

  • 10. Who Doesn’t Need To Get Away For A Week Or Longer? The Atlanta Jazz Festival runs the entire moth of May. That’s 31 days of potential fun! Although weekend jaunts are nice you typically end up spending a lot more money. The solution is, take a longer vacation. Who knew? By taking a longer getaway you’re absent long enough to consider your dollars and cents and budget financially, and you get to see and do more. It’s a win/win, more time away and less dineros spent.
  • 9. A New Experience. This was definitely a new experience for me. I was surrounded by hundreds of people with picnic baskets, umbrellas, drinks, food, and music. Part of my experience was also touting around Atlanta for week, learning new places all while navigating them in a 2014 Kia Optima Turbo SX.

2014 Kia optima turbo sx

  • 8. The History: “is regarded as one of the country’s largest FREE jazz festivals. It is an annual musical showcase that celebrates jazz legends and up-and-coming jazz greats in venues throughout metropolitan Atlanta during the entire month of May. The festival culminates each Memorial Day weekend with show-stopping performances at Piedmont Park.” {Atlanta Jazz Festival website}
  • 7. A Wisconsin Medical Journal published findings that women who take two or more vacations a year are less likely to be depressed, tired, or unhappy with their marriage.  I definitely feel that is a big reason why one should take a vacation. And this is a great way to unwind and listen to smooth Jazz.
  • 6. The People. The main reason the AJF is so successful is the multi-cultural hotbed Atlanta has become. This isn’t just another old-guard southern town. Atlanta has shaken off the old Confederate garb and has blossomed into a modern, hip and economically sound and politically relevant epicenter. And every year the Atlanta Jazz Festival line-up is reflective of the diverse and burgeoning demographic.

BIAT three ladies

  • 5. Networking. Yes you are surrounded by a vast amount of people, but it gives you a chance to network and become social.
  • 4. Fun In The Sun. The weather is scorching hot and you are bound to get an instant sun tan. Be sure to pack lots of water and sunscreen. And an umbrella, you’re going to need it!
  • 3. A study conducted by the State University of New York at Oswego surveyed 12,000 men between the ages 35 and 57. Their findings indicate males who go on vacation every year reduce their overall risk of death by 20 percent. So, since it has been statistically proven that women out live their male counterparts one can surmise couples will have more time together before he kicks the bucket. {Home & Garden}
  • 2. Let The Food Be The Reason- Check out the Soul Vegetarian Restaurant which offers up delicious vegan options of Southern style cooking. I also highly recommend Cinco Mexican Cantina .  I mean some of these dishes were just delish: Goat Cheese Balls and Jerusalem Rice were some of my favorite dishes from those restaurants:

Screen Shot 2014-06-21 at 12.35.08 AMScreen Shot 2014-06-21 at 12.36.52 AM



  • 1. It’s All About The Music. Yes the music says it all. This year’s amazing top-notch line-up included Dionne Farris featuring the Russell Gunn Quartet, the Roy Hargrove Quintet, Ester Rada, Somi, Ali Amr and many talented others. And if you’re still not convinced that you should visit, then head over to their website and check out some of the past, current and feature artists!

Overall, I had a blast at the Atlanta Jazz Festival. The food, friends and fun, plus the vast array of talented artists are all reasons I would attend that Festival again!

Come explore more places with us as we take one trip at a time!


– Tatanisha


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