Blogging our way to Disney

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I’ve mentioned it in several of my blog posts and continue to link to it but if you’ve read The Journey of Faith ~ My daughter’s Story, you know that my daughter has battled Crohn’s Disease for almost 4 years now. Most of which have been very difficult and filled with long stays at the hospital. During this time, we wanted to just take all of the doctors, nurses, needle pokes, tubes, wires, hospitals, clinics, medicines, etc etc away and just let her be a kid!

There’s no better place to be a kid than at Disney World, right?!

However, Disney is not an inexpensive trip. Especially when you live in Wisconsin and have to get a family of 6 down to Florida. We thought that maybe with Faith’s Crohn’s diagnosis, she might qualify for Make a Wish. We had researched it and children did not need to be terminal in order to qualify so we applied for Faith. Unfortunately we found out, with Make a Wish, Crohn’s is not one of the diseases that qualifies.

Through it all, we just decided that one way or another, we were going to get Faith to Disney. That was her wish and we would make it happen as soon as she was well enough to go.

This year, thank the Lord, she has spent most of it healthy. We are so thankful and happy that she’s in remission. So now we’re planning our trip to Disney…or as I call it, “Blogging our way to Disney.” We’ve been saving up and will be heading down in October…blogging our way!

We have been to Disney one other time before Faith was diagnosed. We loved our time there but we were such Disney newbies. We’re going to take notes from our first trip and try to do things a bit different.

My husband wrote up a blog post about the first few days of our trip. He only ended up documenting the first half.

Here’s a little snippet:

We got to our cabin around 1:00 p.m. and everybody was thrilled to be out of the van. We got settled in, smothered our pasty geek skin with sunscreen, and then hopped on a bus to the marina. From there, we took a boat to the Magic Kingdom.

As we entered the Magic Kingdom, Tinkerbell flew over and showered the girls with fairy dust. Poor Tink hasn’t aged well; she’s starting to resemble an old man throwing Mickey-shaped glitter. Abbie didn’t seem to mind though. The rest of the day, she would stop and pick the glitter up off the ground, whenever she happened upon some. By the time we left, we had a stash that would have made Liberace proud.

We arrived just as the “Dreams Come True” parade was starting, which featured a plethora of Disney characters. I would gladly make the trip again just to relive the kids’ excitement. Abbie sat in stunned bliss, while Faith waved madly at every character, big and small. Abbie’s day was officially made when Ariel looked right at her and blew her a kiss.

We hadn’t really planned our activities so, after the parade, we headed in the general direction of Cinderella’s castle. Since this was what the girls had been talking about for the last month, it was a hit.

We rode a few rides, and then finished our first day by meeting Pooh, Tigger, and Darby. At least, I’m told her name was Darby. It seems my childhood is no longer sacred and Christopher Robin has fallen victim to equal opportunity.

The kids loved meeting Pooh and friends. Faith had a goofy grin on her face, as she just kept pinching Pooh’s tummy. Caleb was very excited that he got to hug one of his favorite characters, Tigger.

You can read the full Disney blog post here.

We stayed right on the Disney grounds in a Cabin in the Fort Wilderness Resort. With a family of 6, our lodging choices were limited. A lot of the hotels only allow 5 in a room so we would have had to book 2 rooms. We loved our cabin though! It was roomy, had a kitchen so we could prepare meals and we were close to the parks. However, that all came with a price tag. Our next trip we’re going to try lodging off site.

I also want to have more time at the parks. Driving down and back took up a lot of our vacation so if I have my way and can save up enough, I want to fly down. Tim on the other hand would rather drive any day than fly. So we’ll see.

We’ll have 7 full days in Kissimmee so we’ll be visiting a lot of different attractions in the area. Lot’s of adventures to be had. If you have an attraction that you’d like us to visit and have included in “Blogging our way to Disney,” please send me an email!

Stay tuned for more of, “blogging our way to Disney.”


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