Carnival Magic Roatan Port

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We finally see land! For our first port we are hitting the Isle of Roatan, Honduras.

Carnival offers several excursion options at each port. These are optional and an additional expense but if you’re looking for a bit of an adventure off the boat, make sure you look into them. Booking an excursion through Carnival gives you great options and the confidence that you’ll be taken care of.

Tim and I found a snorkeling and beach excursion that looked promising. Booking with Carnival was quick and easy.

We were super excited to head out and explore Roatan. We had a couple of hours to kill before our excursion so we did some shopping. On a side note on shopping, make sure you take in some of the shopping sessions on your days at Sea. Not only will you come away with some great insider info on the best deals at the ports but you also have an opportunity to purchase a great coupon book! Lots of great freebies!

Our snorkeling beach excursion was at the Maya Key Island. All participants were shuttled over to the island via a mid size speed boat. It was about a 15 minute journey. If you get at all motion sick or do not like roller coasters, you may not want to choose this adventure. The water was super choppy today so it made for quite the boat ride.

Maya Key offers great snorkeling and a beautiful coral reef. At Maya Key, there’s a great spot out quite a ways. You swim out from the pier and then will find a drop off to explore.

A couple of tips for any newer snorkelers. Be super careful of the actual coral. The waves can jostle you around and throw you right into the coral. Tim and I both got scraped up quite a bit. Seeing the reef and the fish is great but I think I’ll stick to the shallow waters from now on.

Maya Key also has a great animal refuge that you can tour as well some Mayan Ruin replicas. If you’re feeling even more adventurous, you can also choose an additional excursion to swim with the sharks and rays and kiss some sea lions.

There is a lot that Maya Key offers and you can do as little or as much as you want. While it was a nice beach, great animals, etc., in hindsight, I think I would have preferred just to stay in Mahogany Bay. They have a beautiful beach area and it’s close to where the ship ports. You do not have to buy an excursion to visit Mahogany Bay, however, you can buy some add ons to make your beach stay more comfortable or enjoyable.

We’ve got our fill of the sun, the ocean and all that Maya Key has to offer. Now we’re calling it a day and resting up back in our stateroom.

Snorkel – check
See animals that are local to the area – check
Get a peak at the Roatan culture – check
Sunburn – check (ouch!)

Stay tuned for our next adventure in Belize! In the meantime, here are all our new pictures from today:

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  1. Thanks for the tips. Roatan looks lovely. This is getting me so excited for my trip in October. I’m doing the same itinerary as you it looks like but on a different ship! Good job for blogging while on vacation!
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