Three Tips for Road Trip Success

If you want to make sure that your road trip stories are tales of wonder, here are Three Tips for Road Trip Success that you can do before you get going.

3 Fall Family Fun Activities In Colorado

Colorado is known for it’s beauty, it’s majestic mountains and during the fall it’s mouth dropping colors.  Every year I take a family trip that consists of myself, my two boys, my parents and my brothers family with his three kids.  If my husband finishes harvest by some miracle he joins us.  We all live […]

Tips for a Stress Free Road Trip

Tips for a Stress Free Road Trip Are you planning a road trip with your family? If so, you know how stressful it can be! I have put together some ideas and tips to make your life a little easier! The 1st thing you are going to want to do is prepare a checklist of […]

Pop The Hood Before You Hit The Road ~ 6 Tips For Pre-Trip Vehicle Maintenance

Before you hit the road it doesn’t hurt to take a few minutes to give your vehicle a once over and make sure things are topped off and in good running order. I am thankful that my husband does all this for me before I leave usually, but it’s nice to have a checklist for […]

Family Vacation Colorado Springs, CO

Colorado is known for it’s wonderful weather, majestically tall mountains and the ability to please visitors from all walks of life. When you have a family it’s nice to be able to do all of your road trip without spending most of your time in the car.  Colorado Springs, CO is happy to help you […]

5 Tips for Hiring a Pet Sitter Before You Travel

About Hiring a Pet Sitter Hiring a pet sitter can be nerve racking and tedious.  It can also be a time consuming task.  When you have to travel for long distances or on short notice, having a reliable pet sitter is very important.  So, I wanted to help everyone make this an easier process.  Hiring […]

Road Trip with Kids – How to Entertain

  Having Fun When Taking a Road Trip with Kids Taking a road trip with kids can be stressful. Keeping kids occupied and having fun can be challenging. With the frequent stops and small space kids get anxious and need to be entertained. If you are taking a summer trip you will want to check […]

Planning a Trip with your Girlfriends

Planning a Trip with your Girlfriends It is that time of year again. The time of year when I put on my thinking cap  and begin planning a trip for my girlfriends and myself.  This is the best way to rehash old memories and make new ones. I can’t tell you how much I miss […]

How Many Bloggers Does it Take…

So, how many bloggers does it take to get to Brentwood? Well, I can’t tell you that there’s a specific number of bloggers that it takes, but if you have a bunch of chatty women driving down the freeway in a strange town, the answer is four, plus a traveling companion! When I made my […]