Homer, Alaska

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Experiencing Alaska





I live in Alaska and would love to invite you to take your next vacation in our beautiful state!   This post is about Homer, Alaska.

Homer, Alaska is called the “Cosmic Hamlet by the Sea” also called a “Drinking Village with a little Fishing Problem” and of course it was made famous by being called  ‘The End of the Road’ in Tom Bodett’s tales where he’ll leave his light on for you.

The beauty of the Alaska Kachemak Bay, upon which Homer sits, is spectacular.  Homer, Alaska is nestled on the shore of Kachemak Bay with glaciers and mountains across the bay and active volcanoes looming in the distance.  It makes you feel like you have stepped back in time.

Homer, Alaska is known as the Halibut Capital of the World!   Fishing here for halibut and salmon is fantastic. We also have kayaking, bear viewing, hiking and great food and art!  Homer also holds writer’s conferences for those in the literary field.

Summer is happening on the Spit!  Homer, Alaska has a 4.5 mile “Spit”  (“spit” is a geological term) which is the second longest in the world and was recently named as one of the best 100 beaches in the United States for the incredible views and wildlife to be found along its entire length!  Sea Otters are most often seen along with Bald Eagles.


Here are just a few things you can do from Homer, Alaska

Visit Halibut Cove, Alaska in Kachemak Bay State Park via Water Taxi:   The park area is a total of 400,000 acres of mountains, glaciers, forests, coastline and ocean. Visitors frequently observe sea otters, harbor seals, porpoise, and a variety of whale species.  It is a short hop via a water taxi and a must see.  While there,  you should also make reservations and eat at the Saltry which is right on the bay. Be sure to take the short hike on this artists island on the boardwalk from the Saltry to the other side of the island. You will pass a few artist galleries and horses!

Halibut Cove

Halibut Cove, Alaska

More things to do from Homer, Alaska

  • Fishing:  Since we are the #1 Fishing destination you can fish from streams or charter a boat and head into the bay for a huge catch.
  • Shopping & Dining:  Enjoy shopping at one of a kind boutiques in town and on the “spit” and find your favorite eatery.
  • Visit Seldovia, Alaska via Ferry or water Taxi:  If you are going to be around for the Fourth of July check into the Seldovia Festival which includes many activities, a parade and a barbecue feast.  We have gone to this and it was so fun…they even had a contest for making stuff with SPAM!   It’s a berry wilderness there and they harvest them and make products to sell.   You will enjoy the quaintness of an Alaskan Village.
  • Clamming:  Check for low tides which bring exceptional clamming.
  • Visit the Time Bandit:  Are you a fan of  The Deadliest Catch?  Homer is Home port to the “Time Bandit” of Deadliest Catch fame. You’ll also find a gift shop of theirs here.  My DIL, pictured below with the Time Bandit, is in LOVE with this show.



Homer, Alaska Docks

What will you find and experience in Alaska?




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