Fun and Learning at the Henry Ford Museum

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Trip down memory lane at the Henry Ford Museum

Located right outside of Detroit, Michigan you can find the Henry Ford Museum. I remember visiting the museum when I was in school but have gone many years without visiting.  The weatherman was calling for rain today so we decided to take advantage of the free membership I had been given and visit the Henry Ford Museum.

henry ford museum 2

Henry Ford Museum showcases the history of the automobile and upon entering you are treated to a look at presidential limousines. The informational signs provided us additional information about the changes that were made to the limousines over the years and pointed out things to look for on them. This prompted my daughter and husband to see who could find them first.  I found this to be effective way to keep my daughter engaged and learning while having fun.

henry ford museum 1

After exploring our Automotive history in Driving America – The World’s Premier Automotive Exhibition, we had lunch in a renovated Dining Car from the 1940s. Lamy’s Diner is located in the museum and is 1 of the 3 places to eat at the Henry Ford Museum. You can also choose to eat at the Weinermobile Cafe (also located in the museum)  or visit the Michigan Cafe (just outside the museum).

henry ford museum 6

We marveled at early aviation in the Heroes of the Sky exhibit and I must say that I am glad airplane travel has progressed since its roots. I could not imagine flying in one of these seats. I had my daughter use the luggage rack above the seats for a height comparison. She is only 4’4. I could only imagine how it must have felt traveling back then. My husband says you would just hold on very tight and decided to demonstrate for us how that would have looked.

Henry Ford Museum 5

After our flights of fancy were filled we headed over to the Made in America exhibit. There we marveled at the size and enormity of steam engines and the progression that industry has taken over the years. On our way to the With Liberty and Justice for All Exhibit we stopped by to see the infamous Oscar Mayer Wienermobile. We enjoyed a snack and my daughter insisted on having a wiener.

Henry Ford Museum 3

We spent several hours exploring the museum and my daughter was happy and interested the whole time. What I was worried might be boring for her compared to Greenfield Village (Also a Henry Ford property),turned out to be a great day trip and educational lesson in one. I seen her many times stop to read the information on each exhibit and she really liked the interactive screens scattered across the exhibits. These stations provide a way to get hands on while looking for information of interest and what child doesn’t like a touch screen computer.

If you are in the Metro Detroit Area and looking for something to do make sure to check out the Henry Ford Museum.

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Find out more about the museum and other attractions at Henry Ford Museum!

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