Fun Things to do in Seward, Alaska

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Fun Things to do in Seward, Alaska


When planning a trip to Alaska, you must add Seward to your itinerary.  When we first visited this quaint little Alaskan town I was awe-struck and actually a little claustrophobic!  The town is wedged tightly between the steep mountainside and the bay.  It is absolutely breathtaking.

Harbor at Seward, Alaska USA

Seward, Alaska

Seward, Alaska Train Ride:

There is a fun little train ride you can take from Anchorage to Seward.   On one of my “girl” vacations, my girlfriend and I took the train to Seward for a weekend.  It was so so much fun and totally relaxing not to be the driver.  This would be a great trip with kids!   In fact, I am hoping to take my grandkids on this train expedition next summer.  The train putters along at a pleasantly slow speed so that you can take in all the beautiful valleys, glaciers, mountains, eagles and whatever happens to be out and about that day.


Train to Seward

Kenai Fjords Tours:

Most people who come to Seward come either for fishing or for going on a sight-seeing trip of the Kenai Fjords National Park to see the stunning bays and magnificent glaciers.  We only had 3 days for our July “girls vacation”, so wanted to make the most of it.   We took Kenai Fjords…..tour trip.


Kenai Fjords Alaska


Alaska SeaLife Center:

We also went to the Alaska SeaLife Center.  I loved seeing the seals and otters so close up and if you are lucky enough to get there for feeding time, it’s even better.  What is really unique is that the museum offers the animals play time with paint.  The seals are given paint brushes and love to make their own “art”.  The Puffins do it the easy way by simply walking through the paints to create their patterns.  These animal art renditions are for sale in the museum store.   They combine a photo of the animal “artist” with one of their works of “art”.   I just had to buy one to bring home!   It matches my other Alaskan art by regular “people” artists.    The piece I got had both the puffin and seal strokes in it.  Sorry I didn’t take a photo of the one I bought to share but the photos below are from the Alaska Sea Life Center.





There are tons of places to stay in this small little town whether it be a Bed and Breakfast, Motel or Hotel.

Here are a few other events that make Seward unique:

The Polar Bear Jump – January

Daring individuals dressed in costume brave the frigid waters of Resurrection Bay and jump into the small boat harbor. Whether breaking through the icy crust on their way in to the water or rushing to their blankets on the way out, their smiles can’t be beat – it is for a good cause, after all.


Whale Migration – April

Over 22,000 California Gray Whales embark each year on a 5,000-migration from Mexico’s Baja coast to their feeding grounds in the Bering and Chukchi seas. Get an up close view of these mammoth travelers as they pass Resurrection Bay.

July 4th & Mt. Marathon Race® – July

On the Fourth of July each year, the population of Seward swells from around 2,500 to over 30,000. Main Street is completely blocked off to traffic and the streets fill with people. According to folklore, the tradition of the Mt. Marathon Race began when two sourdoughs argued about the possibility of climbing and descending the mountain in less than an hour. “Impossible” one said. To settle the argument, and the resulting wager, a race was held, with the loser to furnish drinks for the crowd.

What ever reason you come to visit Seward Alaska, you will find great food, great bakeries, great activities and great fun.


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  1. I’ve always wanted to go to Alaska! Now I have another reason why to add to my list! Thanks!

  2. Oh, man, oh man. I have always wanted to go to Alaska. We have been planning a road trip up there for some time. Looks like this is another nudge in the correct direction. Thank you for the beautiful photo.