5 Great Disneyland Food Vendors

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One of the best things about going to Disneyland is the amazing food you will encounter at every corner.  If it is your first visit to the amusement park check out these Great Disneyland Food Vendors and enjoy unique to the park treats you’ve never experienced before.

Great Disneyland Food Vendors

Great Disneyland Food Vendors

    • BLUE BAYOU RESTAURANT:  Get there early (as in right after park opens) or call and make reservations ahead of time.  This sit down nicer restaurant is the most popular place you will visit in New Orleans Square.  Fine dining at a theme park done well.  The prices are high, but the portions are gigantic.  A Monte Cristo Sandwich (highly recommended) can easily feed 2 people and possible 3 depending on how hungry you are. Expect to spend on average $30 for your meal but remember it is large enough to potentially share.
    • BENGAL BARBECUE:  This is perfect for the meat eaters in your group.  Nestled in Adventureland this restaurant offers the quintessential “meat on a stick”. Alongside the chicken and beef skewers you will find their infamous bacon wrapped asparagus that is truly to die for.  With meals in the range of $15 per person you will not leave hungry and find it is worth every penny spent.
    • CLARABELLE’S FROZEN YOGURT:  If you find yourself needing a quick afternoon pick me up or a sweet treat this park favorite is located in Mickey’s Toontown and priced perfectly.  With incredible yogurt you can easily share with your spouse or kids, it’s a great after lunch treat.  If you are needing a snack or wanting a light lunch you can pick up a tasty sandwich, yogurt or healthy snacks at this favorite spot.
    • THE GOLDEN HORSESHOE: Right off the path in Frontierland you can take a quick step back in time when you enter this snack bar and show.  With great acts playing hourly throughout the day, you can grab an ice cream, cookies, chili cheese fries or just a soft drink, sit back at a table to cool off and watch a fun Frontier themed saloon style show.  Some of the lowest prices on snacks in the park are found here and great seating throughout the building gives everyone a perfect view of the stage.
    • STREET CART VENDORS:  Aside from the awesome restaurants listed above you can find street car vendors at literally every corner.  From soft drinks to pretzels to the infamous Mickey Mouse ice cream sandwiches you are never far from what you need.  As the park has grown, the health of patrons has been taken into account as well.  Many vendors now include fresh fruit, yogurt, water, whole wheat sandwiches and wraps as well as the traditional theme park treats of snow cones, ice cream, pretzels, popcorn and candy.

No matter what your food preferences are, you are sure to find something suitable within the gates of Disneyland.  Remember that prices will be higher than your average out of park restaurant but it is a once in a lifetime event and if you choose wisely you will leave knowing it was money well spent.

~  Brandy M.

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