How Many Bloggers Does it Take…

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So, how many bloggers does it take to get to Brentwood? Well, I can’t tell you that there’s a specific number of bloggers that it takes, but if you have a bunch of chatty women driving down the freeway in a strange town, the answer is four, plus a traveling companion!

When I made my reservation for a Kia Optima from Enterprise, I have to admit I was nervous that we wouldn’t all fit comfortably. I was picking up three fellow bloggers from the airport, heading to Opryland and dropping off one, and the plan had been to pick up one more. From there, we were heading to Brentwood for a date with Dave Ramsey. Okay, so maybe it wasn’t a date, but we were lucky enough to be invited to Financial Peace Plaza.

As soon as I saw the Optima, I realized this was the perfect car for us! It was roomy, had trunk space for the luggage of three women hoping to put their best foot forward, and it was small enough to get great gas mileage! Once I collected my passengers, it was time to head to Opryland, BlissDom-bound!

After I dropped off one blogger and checked in, it was time to find our way to Brentwood, Tennessee. To most people, it would seem like an easy trip, after all, it looked pretty straight-forward on the map! Unfortunately, I was a little big-city rusty and my navigator forgot that she was navigating. We wound up in the far right lane when the road forked and we needed to go left. A quick detour from a somewhat questionable neighborhood occupied by a junkyard and a daycare decorated in graffiti versions of children’s characters and we were back on track!

You would think that after that it was an easy trip, since I did admit it was straight forward on the map. You’d be wrong! We made it *to* Brentwood without an issue. We even made it to the road that is home to Financial Peace Plaza. We just couldn’t manage to make it that last half-mile without getting lost!

One of my backseat bloggers made the astute observation that it looked like a shopping mall parking lot to our left. She was right, it looked like a shopping mall parking lot entrance, so I made the last minute decision to turn right. From there, I saw what looked like a radio tower, so I was confident we were in the right area. Never mind the fact that we were in a more industrial area than I expected and it appeared we were headed out of town.

Luckily, there were no men in the car, so we had no problem pulling into a parking lot and asking for directions. I’m pretty sure the group of walkers weren’t sure what to think of a car full of giggling bloggers, lost and utterly clueless. They pointed us in the right direction and we headed back to the scene of the bad observation. A few minutes later, we arrived, later than planned, but with a story they’re sure to never let me live down.

You would think the trip back to Opryland was a breeze since we basically just had to backtrack our steps. You would be wrong.

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  1. Too funny! Ah yes, it brings back some memories! 😉


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