How to Pack for a Conference

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Simple Steps to Help you Pack for a Conference

pack for a conference

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I recently attended my first conference away from home. While I was preparing to pack for a conference, I started to feel overwhelmed so I made a list of what I needed to do. Knowing how to pack fora conference is simple once you write it down because seeing it on paper helps put everything in perspective. It is a little more complicated than packing for a solo vacation but easier than packing for a vacation with kids. Following these tips on how to pack for a conference will have you doing this every time you are going somewhere.


How to Pack for a Conference

1. Make a Detailed List,the more detailed the easier it will be when assembling the contents in your suitcase. Make a 2nd copy to pack with you so you don’t miss anything when packing to leave.

2. Decide which luggage you are going to use. Make sure you are aware of any luggage regulations (A) based on how you are traveling.

3.Plan to bring an extra bag for conference materials or leave room in your luggage while you are packing.

4. Go over your list and assemble all the things on your list. Do NOT pack them just yet.

5. With everything in front of you, start to pack in your luggage.

6. Remove packaging, tags, and hangers from all clothes and items you are bringing. This takes up extra space and saves you time. If you are worried about having enough hangers pack a few wire/dry cleaner hangers on top of your suitcase before closing.

7. Place items that might leak  or spill in Ziploc bags so if a mess is made it is self contained.

8. Place small items in shoes to take advantage of extra space.

9. Roll all clothes to take advantage of space between suitcase handles and keep them from getting creases.

10. Place heavier items on bottom and lighter items on top.

 Now that you know How to Pack check out these tips for What to Pack for a Conference!

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Luggage Restrictions (A)

TSA Prohibited Items

United Airlines Baggage Policy

Delta Airlines Baggage Policy

American Airlines Baggage Policy

Us Airways Baggage Policy

Southwest Baggage Policy

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