I Survived Disney On Ice

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Disney on ice

Disney On Ice Worlds of Fantasy

We are HUGE Disney fans so when I found out that Disney on Ice Worlds of Fantasy was coming to the Target Center in Minneapolis, I was excited. I knew my kids would be thrilled.

We were able to get tickets for our family and a set of tickets to giveaway on the blog.

Last night was the opening night. We set off after my husband got home from work. It’s about 1 hour 45 minutes from our house to the Target Center…usually. Little did I know the trip we had in store for us. We stopped at McDonald’s on our way to grab some dinner…knowing that feeding a family of 6 once we were at the event would cost us a bit too much.

We always start off by saying, “No eating in the van.” Then reality sets in along with our busy life, we run through the drive through and the kids are eating in the van. Last night was no different with cheeseburgers in hand.

All was going well until about 1 hour into the trip. Without warning, all of a sudden, we hear what sounds like a water main explodes. Yet, we don’t have any water mains in the van. Yup, you guessed it. One of the kids…car sick!

If I look on the bright side, we had just reached Hudson and there right before us was a beautiful Target store. We roll down the windows and exit…(remember, we are in Wisconsin and it’s not nice and warm. It’s in the 20s and we’re on an interstate).

The other 3 kids and I run into Target while my husband stayed in with poor Caleb. We grab cleaning supplies and new clothes and head back to the car to clean up the best we can. After being delayed a good 45 minutes, we’re back on the road….but Lola (the name we have not so affectionately anymore given our GPS) has an ulterior motive.

It seems Lola wants to give us a tour of Minneapolis. I said to my husband, why is Lola taking us this way? I’ve never gone to the Target Center this way. Why does she want us in the car pool lane. Is she trying to get us killed? What on earth!! Honey, I can’t take much more of this fun!

Against Lola’s wishes, we finally got to Target Center, found will call to pick up our tickets and arrived mid way through the first show of Disney on Ice Worlds of Fantasy. It just happened to be Ariel, my oldest daughter’s favorite, that was playing when we got there…and we missed most of it. πŸ™ But we settled in and were going to enjoy the rest of the show.

We finally arrived..Disney On Ice

I love how resilient kids are. No matter what our trip had been prior to this, the kids were loving the show. My youngest daughter had her phone out (my old iphone which is more like an ipod now) and was recording as much as she could. Even though our seats were pretty high up and the picture on the recording wasn’t really much, she was thrilled to be recording. She thought it was awesome. She was so excited to be able to take it home and show her friends.

Poor Caleb who had gotten car sick was doing much better. For whatever reason that he had gotten sick, he was fine now and enjoying the show. Abbie, who missed Ariel, was still loving Tinkerbell who was up next. Tinkerbell was actually my favorite part of the show. I imagine that I probably would have loved Ariel too because what we did get to see was pretty awesome!

I’m not sure if we missed Cars in the beginning of the show or if it was cut out for some reason but we didn’t get to see Cars. The last part of the show was Toy Story. The kids did enjoy it..more so Caleb than the girls. The girls really wanted to see more princesses.

It was a good show but I definitely feel like I need a t-shirt that says – I survived Disney On Ice! πŸ˜‰

I put up my review of Disney on Ice Worlds of Fantasy on Blogging Mom of 4 if you’d like to check out pictures. I thought I’d put up the more detailed version here. πŸ˜€

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  1. Giggedygeekmum says:

    We were there that night too. They did have Cars. It was the first show. My friends son (a HUGE cars fan) loved it but I thought it was the least impressive of the 4. The car basically just moved around in circles. I think they might have been robots but I can’t be sure. All in all though we loved it!

    • It must have been super short. I really wished they would have made the others longer and shortened up Toy Story. My daughter’s were bummed that they missed Ariel. But I guess if Cars wasn’t too impressive, I guess we didn’t miss much. πŸ˜‰

  2. We’re a huge Disney on Ice fans too. It’s fun and a great memory for my nephews and niece.

  3. My kids loved this show! Sounds like you had an interesting night.