Romantic Getaway in Eau Claire WI

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This is part of a two part post. You can read part one on the Visit Eau Claire website. Stacy, writer for Blogging is a Trip, and her husband enjoyed a Romantic Getaway in Eau Claire, WI. Read about the second part of their experience below.

Mona Lisa’s

Time for dinner. After enjoying our taste test at Lazy Monk Brewery, we headed over to Mona Lisa’s. Right when you walk into the doors of Mona Lisa’s restaurant you know you’re going to have a great meal by all the wonderful smells. This restaurant is a lively and busy Italian/Mediterranean restaurant located on Water street in downtown Eau Claire.

We were greeted and sat within minutes of walking in the door with no reservation. Our waitstaff was very helpful in describing quite a few of the items on the menu. We ended up getting the Rack of Lamb for the hubby and Rigatoni with meat sauce for myself for the main course. It was divine and mouth watering, the rack of lamb melted in your mouth. Something all patrons should try at least once!

Romantic Getaway in Eau Claire WI

Romantic Getaway in Eau Claire WI

For dessert the hubby and I decided on the sorbet trio and the Chocolate Torte. Can you say decadent?! The wine list at Mona Lisa’s reads like a small book…so if you like wine, this is the place to go in Eau Claire.

Romantic Getaway in Eau Claire WI

Fanny Hill Victorian Inn

With very full bellies, we were ready to settle in for the night at Fanny Hill Victorian Inn. I have loved Fanny Hill as a small child and still as an adult.

We were lucky to be able to stay here when they were decorated for Christmas, it’s awesome. Every beautiful corner of Fanny Hill is decorated with touches from the Victorian age, which is of course made for romance.

Romantic Getaway in Eau Claire WI

All the rooms have a large whirlpool tub, beautiful fireplaces and are decorated in the Victorian times. Ask to go on a tour of the different rooms. If no one is staying in the rooms, you can take a peek in the other rooms and see how they are decorated.

Romantic Getaway in Eau Claire WI

Fanny Hill has one of the most breathtaking views in the Chippewa Valley and looks great no matter what time of year. In the morning there is a wonderful breakfast that you eat in front of full sized windows and enjoy the view of the Chippewa Valley. We loved staying at Fanny Hill, it was romantic and peaceful, just what we needed.

Eau Claire Children’s Theater

We finished off our Romantic Getaway at a Saturday performance of Beauty and the Beast performed by the Eau Claire Children’s theater. With Eau Claire being somewhat of a small town, I’m always amazed at the incredible talent. This production of Beauty and the Beast was incredible. The voices were amazing and everyone was very convincing in their role.

Romantic Getaway in Eau Claire WI
(image courtesy of ECCT)

The set design was fantastic and looked a lot like the movie. I’d definitely recommend taking in a Eau Claire Children’s Theater production. Take in a show with your special someone or bring the family. Everyone is sure to enjoy!

We had a fabulous time on our Romantic Getaway in Eau Claire, WI. Come for a visit or take a staycation. You’ll have a great time!

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  1. Julie Wood says:

    What a very beautiful place to visit on a Romantic getaway! The food looks delicious and the room is so pretty. I know that I would love to go here and get away, especially at Christmas!

  2. I live close to Eau Claire ! Great vacation idea!

  3. Robin Wilson says:

    Oh how wonderful. I cannot remember the last time my hubby and I did anything really romantic, much less a getaway. After 30 years I guess we have started to get lax when it comes to those things. We shouldn’t. The dinner looks oh so delicious and I would love to be able to decorate a tree like that.

  4. Amy Orvin says:

    Sounds like a wonderful place to visit. I’d go just to try the Chocolate Torte! LOL!!

  5. You had me at that Rack of Lamb pic! Wonderful review!

  6. Deanne Patterson

    Wow, the pictures are beautiful. It looks like you absolutely had a blast on your getaway.

  7. Tracy H

    I am so jealous! Looks like an AWESOME place for a getaway!! Love Wisconsin and close to home!!