Staycation at the adoba hotel, Dearborn, MI #EcoTravelwithadoba

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*Disclosure: I received a two-day stay at the adoba hotel as part of a blogger trip. The opinions expressed here, however, are my own.

Last weekend, a group of bloggers and I had the pleasure of staying at the adoba hotel in Dearborn for two nights. I’ve been to Dearborn before, but not recently – I live in Troy, which is about a 35-minute drive – and I usually only go there to go to Henry Ford or Greenfield Village.

I arrived at the hotel on Thursday afternoon and was able to check into my room immediately. This is only the second time in my life I’ve had a king-sized bed all to myself, and it was definitely luxurious. The hotel used to be the Hyatt Dearborn, but has been the adoba (lower-case “a” in “adoba”) for a few years now.


Even though it was a dreary day outside (first light snow of the season), I instantly perked up when I entered my room, as it was roomy and spacious and also had a nice view of the Ford building, with Detroit in the distance. The adoba had also left me a personalized note and nice assortment of foods, ranging from chips to an apple to some dark chocolate, which I indulged in later.


The hotel is a little older but doesn’t show its age, for the most part, though the bathroom area is a little small (though for myself, it was definitely fine). The rooms feature flatscreen Samsung TVs, a few chairs, and a desk, in case you’re there on business.

I tend to enjoy very soft beds, as well, and although the adoba’s beds aren’t super soft, they’re very comfortable, and I was able to fall asleep easily both nights.

We stayed on the 14th floor, and on the 15th/16th floor the hotel has a Rotunda, which they rent out for parties (wedding receptions, etc.). We were able to take a tour of the area and the views were fantastic.


The Rotunda used to be a revolving restaurant, and later a lounge, and the rotunda part of it still revolves when parties are occurring, too. I actually couldn’t even tell if it was on or not (it was not) when we went up there, because the view is dizzying (in a good way) at first.


You could see Detroit off in the distance, and you could also see the Ford building, the front of the adoba building (and a side view) and the bell tower at Greenfield Village. Quite a view.

During my two-day stay, I learned that the adoba does a lot for the environment, as well. We drank our morning orange juice out of glasses that were formerly recycled wine glasses, and the hotel also takes part in a movement that recycles its soap – it sends it to a company in New Jersey that repurposes it, and eventually it gets made into new soap. The hotel will actually be rebranding next month (Dec. 2014) or the month after, but it hopes to continue these environmentally-friendly initiatives when it does.

I had a fantastic time during my #EcoTravelwithadoba staycation and got to meet some great bloggers, too – about half of our group was from Canada and the other half from this area and Grand Rapids. I believe all had been to the U.S. before, but there were some local treats (the cream puff at Buddy’s Pizza, for one) that they had yet to try, so it was fun to introduce them to that and also the Henry Ford. (stay tuned for a post about my experience there)

I’ll also be writing a post about the adoba’s restaurant, Giulio & Sons, sometime in the next week over at my film blog, so keep a lookout for that to learn more about Giulio’s fantastic menu and elegant atmosphere.

adoba hotel,, 600 Town Center Drive, Dearborn, MI 48126. (313) 592-3622.

*Side note: The adoba is in the process of rebranding either this month (November 2014) or the next, and its name will be changing – at the time of this writing, a new brand name had not yet been chosen.
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